Reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption with BEKA sandwich ceiling components

Whether caused by energy suppliers, agricultural and industrial processes, or everyday mobility, carbon dioxide emissions have been rising sharply for several years.

To maintain our living environment, it is necessary to implement measures now to sustainably reduce CO2 emissions as well as energy consumption. With continuous process optimization and economically designed services, we have been targeting a high ecological compatibility for years. Examples of actions of this kind include our sandwich design, the prefabrication of components, and the professional implementation of each installation.

The components of the sandwich design are completely pre-assembled in our production facility and delivered directly ready for construction - including all necessary thermal insulation components and ceramic anchoring blocks. This means only a few work steps and no formwork are required for assembly. The adjusted anchoring system allows great construction freedom as well as exact adjustment. Short heating times ensure that the system can be operated at short notice after installation. Further information on our sandwich components you will find here.

We are very proud to be able to provide substantial savings with a long-term effect through our offer and thus contribute to ensuring the continued existence of our environment.

The following graphic significantly illustrates the savings potentials as well as the associated return-on-investment through the use of our ceiling components. With our "Blue Roof" design, we create massive opportunities for energy savings through multi-layered, perfect heat insulation.

Grafik zur Reduzierung des CO2- und Energieverbrauchs

Investitionskosten = Investment costs
CO2-Einsparung = CO2 saving
Energieeinsparung = Energy saving
Halbjahr = half-year

This is progress made in Plettenberg. We recognized the urgent demand for action years ago and since then have integrated numerous measures for saving energy and CO2 into our business model.

We would also be very pleased to support you in the economic and ecologically compatible implementation of your building project. Please feel free to contact us with any requirements you may have.

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