Blast Furnace.


Blast Furnace

Special area

The blast furnance route, so called integration route, is still the most significant method in order to produce pig iron.
Most possible service life of the blast furnace shaft linings as well as runner systems, short repairing times and full-service solutions.

These are the goals of BEKA!

Modern delivery concepts are:

  • shotcreting, done manually from assembly platforms or with help of a gunning robot
  • repair and maintenance of gunnings with specially developed hot-repair-gunning-masses
  • laser measurement of blast furnace shafts and runner systems

Scope of supply

Our scope of supply for the blast furnace section includes the complete blast furnace shaft as well as refractory masses and prefabricated blocks with corresponding anchoring systems for
main- and secondary runners (incl. tilting runners).

Our product portfolio contains:

  • conventional refractory concrete
  • LC- refractories
  • ULC- refractories
  • SOL-Gel masses
  • gunning masses
  • (hot-) repair masses
  • shotcast masses
  • ramming masses
  • prefabricated masses

Our masses convince by:

  • long service life
  • high erosion resistance
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • high resistance against iron- and slag infiltration
  • high thermal resistance

Prefabricated Blocks

Our casted prefabricated blocks are subject to certified quality standards.

This guarantees accurate dimensions, service life and reliability in all sections. All our prefabricated blocks are delivered tempered and after arrival ready-to-install. If required, it is
possible to carry out a pre-firing at a maximum temperature of 1450°C. Our top priority is not only the selection of high quality, suitable materials, but also the precise design of the prefabricated blocks according to your requirements.

We look forward to work out specific new solutions together with you.


  • Permanent lining for main- and secondary runners
  • Prefabricated blocks for granulation troughs
  • Construction lining in brick supply
  • Blow molding sleeves and -inlays

Tap hole clay

Special attention is paid to our tap hole clay. As an important component for the steelmaking process it is essential to use high-quality, high-alumina respectively Sec-containing raw
materials for our qualifying final product. The selection of suitable tailor-made tap hole clay for the customer and their requirements depends on various parameters of the blast furnace process which guarantees a reliable and effective operation of their blast furnaces. Environmental aspects are indispensable in the development of masses.

BEKA has developed “green” masses that fulfil the requirements of REACH.


Blast furnace shafts: shotcrete masses for the complete shaft
Blast furnace shafts: back filling masses
Blast furnace shafts: mux masses (injection mixes)
Main runners: construction lining
Main runners: permanent lining
Main runners: wear lining
Secondary- and tilting runners: construction lining
Secondary- and tilting runners: permanent lining
Secondary- and tilting runners: wear lining
Maintenance and repair masses: gunning masses
Maintenance and repair masses: hot repair masses
Maintenance and repair masses: ramming masses

Cool heads -
hot products.

Made in Plettenberg
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