Choose the perfect concept for your project – with us!

Our engineering department supplies construction and installation drawings in basic and full design according to your specification.

We specialize in modern 2D and 3D Designs as well as installation documentations for your furnace or plant.

The service offer of BEKA wouldn’t be complete without an expert engineering for your new construction or revision project. Basic engineering – often required along with a commercial offer for refractories & services – can also be used as a foundation for material and concept choice!

Our in-house Engineering-Service includes:

  • Full Design for New Linings / Complete Furnace Systems
  • Material Choice (Insulation & Anchoring)
  • Heat Transfer Calculation
  • Heating Curve
  • Support for Static Calculations
  • Infrared-Camera Analysis
  • Creative Concept Design for Furnaces & Facilities
  • On-Site measurements

For more than 30 years the engineering department of BEKA is at the core of our service offer.