Made in Plettenberg

Quality & Work Safety.


Quality, the synonym for excellence, class, standard and value

It is BEKA’s first order of business to earn this definition for our products and services.

Our quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and guarantees the certain achievement of a controlled production process. This makes sure that we will only supply products with their guaranteed chemical and physical properties.


Being committed to protect employees and business partners from potential dangers? We take it personally!

That is why we are exemplary in the training and sensitization of our staff.

The iron and steel producing industry sets very high standards with regard to work safety due to the close proximity to hot zones.

The protective clothing of our personnel conforms to EN ISO 11611 „Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes“ respectively to EN ISO 11612 „Clothing to protect against heat and flame”.

Work and occupational safety in Beck u. Kaltheuner includes the following measures:

  • Medical screening test
  • Preventive medical checkup
  • Fire protection briefing
  • First aider training
  • Instruction for the use of high voltage and high pressure equipment
  • Seminars for the use of gas detection devices

For our customers we offer on demand a risk analysis for planned job sites.

Every briefing and instructional seminar is carefully documented so as to allow verifications at any time – even on the job!