Furnace systems.


Furnace systems

Integrated solutions and installations for all industrial furnace types

How do you benchmark quality and competence?

With years of success and practical experience on job sites BEKA will convince you as an extremely qualified partner for your furnace repairs, revisions and new constructions.

We offer full service all in one stop: material selection, engineering, installation and job site supervision!


We support you in improving the operational safety and profitableness of your furnace facilities.

You are looking for a strong partner to realise sustainable energy efficient and affordable repairs or new constructions of your furnace? Our refractory experts in the area of annealing and reheating furnaces offer competent and reliable consultation.

We offer solutions for furnace types such as…

  • Walking Beam Furnace
  • Walking Hearth Furnace
  • Pusher-type Furnace
  • Rotary Hearth & Rotary Table Furnace
  • Car Bottom Furnace
  • Chamber Furnace
  • Roller Hearth Furnace
  • Pit Furnace
  • Rotary Furnace? Sintering Plants

With years of close cooperation with our customers and partners we have acquired an extensive knowledge base as well as invaluable practical experience. Our projects are carefully documented and allow us to pursue a continuous advancement strategy.

In the high temperature range we supply everything from the smallest individual component up to complete refractory installations. Over the years BEKA has installed more than 50.000 m2 (as of 2015) of suspended roof blocks for hightemperature applications, some of which have passed a service life of more than 35 years and counting!

Our product range includes roof systems, bull nose blocks, sandwich blocks, lintel, hearth and wall blocks, roof and side burner blocks and more…Our Quality Management System certified after ISO 9001 guarantees a strictly quality oriented production process.

The installation of our pre-fired blocks and their special anchoring proves very successful for burner blocks and muffles in all conventional industrial furnace types, as well as for areas with high mechanical or thermal stress!

By using individual molds for each project there is practically no shape or geometry which cannot be made into a refractory block.

We always strive to advance our installation performance. For example you will hardly find a better joint design than in BEKA roof installations or a better engineered anchoring system. Roof systems designed by BEKA show demonstrably longer service life!

Another specialty are our rammed roof blocks (also available in sandwich design) which we offer for many furnace types. The advantage over common cast roof blocks lies in increased elasticity.

BEKA roof systems have been tested with regards to load capacity! On demand we can support you with your static evaluations!

Convince yourself about our fast and flexible production and delivery service!

Our work crews are equipped with state of the art technology. See for yourself how they will expertly install all components from gunning to ramming mixes, from prefabricated shapes and anchoring up to insulation layers!

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