Steel Plant.


Steel Plant

We fulfill all requirements

In the last years, the application of products made of iron and steel have steadily increased and also in this context the demands on these materials as well as the manufacturing process.
Along with this, the requirements for refractories have also increased constantly.

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fireproofed mass

Our research and development department is continuously working on improvements and new masses, which we also would like to develop in cooperation with you. Bulk deliveries can be provided in big bags as well as in sacks.
Our high experienced team of supervisors is a great support for you for the processing on-site.


Vacuum furnaces/ RH – plants: on-site casted RH-snorkels
Vacuum furnaces/ RH – plants: lining of VOD-plants
Vacuum furnaces/ RH – plants: repairs
Pig iron and steel ladles: permanent lining
Pig iron and steel ladles: wear lining till slag zone
Pig iron and steel ladles: ladle spouts
Tundish: permanent lining
Tundish: repairs

Prefabricated Blocks

Our casted prefabricated blocks are subject to certified quality standards. This guarantees accurate dimensions, service life and reliability in all sections. All our prefabricated blocks are delivered tempered and after arrival ready-to-install. If required, it is possible to carry out a pre-firing at high temperatures. Our top priority is not only the selection of high quality, uitable materials, but also the precise design of the prefabricated blocks according to your needs/ requirements.
We look forward to work out specific new solutions together with you.


Swim tab cones (casted and pressed) for converter
Ladle spouts (multiple, single)
Slide ceramics (well blocks, inner nozzles, exchangeable nozzles)
impact plates
permanent lining
Functional blocks for the tundish (dams, diaphragms, impact pots etc.)


Special attention is paid to our purging plug production.
As an important component for the steelmaking process it is essential to use high-quality, high-alumina respectively spinel-containing raw materials for our qualifying final product.
Our constant material- and product development enables us to offer you cost savings through shorter service lives. You decide about all important and necessary parameters for your plant according to your individual requirements.


Slit purger
Partly- and totally burned purger

BeKa – Only Advantages

As a producer of refractory masses and monolithic prefabricated blocks, we are a specialist for the demands of the steel plants.

We meet high demands with high qualifying products.
In addition to quality products for the steel plant demands, we also provide appropriate machinery and man power for the processing and installation of our products.

Cool heads -
hot products.

Made in Plettenberg
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