Tuyère level.


Tuyère level

Professional solutions for the tuyère level! Refractory linings with prefabricated blocks! 

This installation is usually performed parallel to a major revision of the furnace and assumes the furnace steel jacket has been adequately prepared. The collar to which the blocks will be attached has been installed at this point.

After common practice the tuyère level was either steined with carbon bricks or installed with a refractory lining made of 2-piece prefabricated blocks. BEKA offers its own unique blocks system with technological advantages:

  • 4-piece block system
  • Improved expansion compensation
  • Reduced crack formation


Increase lifetime!

Tuyères provide the blast furnace with pressurized hot and enriched oxygen. This process causes high strain for the furnace throat and the nozzle tips.

Low-quality refractory linings can lead to nozzle tip damage especially at temperatures above 950°C.

This measure in turn reduces the refractory lifetime significantly and the nozzle tips need to be exchanged often after 3-4 months.

The refractory concrete BEKAFIX 1550 DH of Beck u. Kaltheuner is designed for service temperatures up to 1300°C and is ideally suited for the lining of nozzle tips.

The professional installation includes the following services:

  • Measurement of nozzle tip geometry
  • Production of an individual rubber mold
  • Removal of old refractory lining
  • Setting the mold and casting of concrete
  • Dry-out and heating-up

The accurate lining with BEKAFIX 1550 DH can increase the lifetime of your nozzle tips. This saves costs and protects the steel construction from premature wearout.

The installation step by step:

  1. Height measurement
  2. Application of leveling compound (BEKAFIX 95 D)
  3. Cementing the blocks with refractory mortar (BEKAFIX 50 HF 6 W)
  4. Sealing of apertures with refractory concrete (BEKAFIX 95 D)
  5. Insulation with ceramic fibre blankets
  6. Backfilling of cavities

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