The installation team.

of Beck u. Kaltheuner


We pride ourselves in having one of the best installation crews available in the refractory segment.

Our team has been tried and tested many times and can produce a unique experience in various construction jobs all around the different operations in the iron and steel industry.

Our employees have been trained in the execution of the following jobs:

  • Excavation and removal of old refractory
  • Installation of safety lining by means of casting or setting of pre-shaped blocks
  • Installation of wear linings by means of casting or shotcasting
  • Removal of old refractory linings in annealing and reheating furnaces
  • Install furnace roofs, walls and bottoms by means of pre-shaped refractory blocks
  • Blast Furnace Shaft shotcast repair, either from a platform or with our own shotcrete robot
  • Casting of various hot metal utensils in steel plants, blast furnace, aluminium, and foundry applications (covers, ladles)
  • Operation of modern refractory installation equipment such as casting units, shotcasting units, excavators and hydro-demolition units

The many references speak for themselves.

You benefit from our experience and the fact, that with BEKA you can get it all in one stop: the product AND the installation!