Burner and nozzle bricks.


Burner and nozzle bricks

Burner and nozzle bricks made by BEKA are produced in a ramming or casting process, according to the specifications provided by either the burner manufacturer or the client.

The bricks can be supplied as one-part or multi-part versions. Even complicated geometries are no problem for our production. If requested we can also supply our patented bracket fixing system for the steel frame.

BEKA offers the right design for every roof and wall system. This includes the application of a perfect sealing method for multi-part burner bricks!

Our production guarantees highest quality assurance by means of high quality raw materials and anchoring elements. The burner and nozzle bricks can be delivered fully dried or pre-fired. A special sealing system for the adjacent refractory areas is available upon request.

Due to our patented anchoring system the installation is simple and fast. Your furnace will be back on line in almost no time.

Until today BEKA successfully manufactured more than 250 different burner geometries, including multi-part bricks of up to 1.600 mm external diameter!

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